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asasdsadsa Party Time! >0ó

Commission list

M2/El demonio y el Ángel"

"El dia en que aprenda como se quiere y como se ama, tu y yo vamos a ser mas que solo amigos Stuart"


Murdoc and Stuart = /

Obsessive seme by RockRaven-LGM2 stamp by RockRaven-LGDojikko stu by RockRaven-LG

LeeGaa/The dragon and the Tiger

"El dragon desde tiempos inmemoriales ah sido la única bestia capaz de igualar al tigre y permanecer a su lado como uno solo"


Lee's Face by Brendan77xicon by RockRaven-LG

Rockku and Gaara = Norou/Sunamaru/Juichigatsu Lee

Romantic seme by RockRaven-LGLeexGaara - Stamp by KaorulovYandere Uke by RockRaven-LG
Norou_leegaa by Subarashi-soulSunamaru_leegaa by Subarashi-soulJuichi_stamp by Subarashi-soul

Rock Lee Commission Icon by BubblyBlu:heart:Gaara Commission Icon by BubblyBlu

ShukaHiko/ El viento y la arena.

"Porque el amor que sentimos mutuamente es nuestra resistencia"


Kazehiko's Face by Brendan77xShukaku's Face by Brendan77

Shukaku and Kazehiko = Yashahiko

sensual seme by RockRaven-LG:stamp_shukahiko_2 by RockRaven-LGtsundere uke by RockRaven-LG

Shukaku Commission Icon by BubblyBlu:heart:Yondaime Commission Icon by BubblyBlu

KankuSaso/ Los maestros marionetistas.

"Puedo sentir tu esencia a través de estas marionetas, y por medio de ellas nuestra conexión es mas intensa"


Sasori's Face by Brendan77xKankuro's Face by Brendan77

Kankurou and Sasori = Kurou

possessive seme kankurou by RockRaven-LGKankusaso by RockRaven-LGkuudere uke sasori by RockRaven-LG

Sasori Commission Icon by BubblyBlu:heart:Kankurou Commission Icon by BubblyBlu

NaruSaku/El cielo y la Tierra.

"¿De que manera puedo decirte como me siento, si ni siquiera puedo cumplir mis promesas? aun así, te protegeré hasta el final y luchare para ganarme tu corazón"


Naruto's Face by Brendan77xSakura's Face by Brendan77

Naruto and Sakura = Orenji Uzumaki

Kawaii-sakura by Sugoi-onnanokonarusaku future by Shukaku-andbijusFCNaruto Stamp by xXx-naruto-xXx
NaruSaku_son_OrenjiUzumaki by Subarashi-soulNaruSaku_son_OrenjiUzumaki2 by Subarashi-soul

Sakura Haruno Commission Icon by BubblyBlu:heart:Naruto Commission Icon by BubblyBlu

Sari/ La protectora

"No importa lo que pase, la próxima vez que estés en peligro te protegeré! entregare mi vida a cambio de tu bienestar"


Sari's Face by Brendan77

Sari and Gaara = Komuro

sari expression stamp by Shukaku-andbijusFCgaasari stamp by Shukaku-andbijusFCSari is a fujonshi by RockRaven-LG

Sari Commission Icon by BubblyBlu

I agree with ...


I love you MEGAMIND :heart:

SEXY - Megamind STAMP by AsuHan+ Megamind: You're Fun + by LeSheketai+ Megamind: Ollo + by LeSheketaiMEGADANCE STAMP by psyco-dragonMegamind Boo Stamp by LockworkOrange- MegamindSTAMP - by AsuHanSTAMP - Megamind and Minion by RoackMegamind Love Stamp by smileystampsMegamind Stamp by ChibiLuciusMM - Minion stamp by Masquefeir.Minion.Love. by Miss-Fantayjah
You are fun by MaryannFisherThe enamoured man by MaryannFisher

I agree with

Degenerate by Cat-ReaperCUMMENT PULEEZE! by The-Legend-Of-BuraiAnti Y Gall STamp by Angela05Fighting Stamp by coolcat654stamp_ZAS in your mouth by RockRaven-LGStop Animal Abuse Stamp by Luna-AkariStamp - YJJINAE Animated by magicaThose Fangirls -read desc- by genkistampsHate Stamp 2 by JetProwerTheFoxHate me if you want by eranashineStamp: Fanchars are not OCs by Jammerlee"Fangirl" Protection Stamp:M+S by Shay-SamaIdiots everywhere-Stamp by DinoclawsJealous Hate Stamp by fluffy-the-wolfGaara don't need your oc by RockRaven-LGOpen your Mind Stamp by quazoanti- Tracing stamp by tenchufreakStamp - Stupid by stop-tracingStamp - Good and Bad by stop-tracingOTP Stamp by agrajagthetestyWe're All Hypocrites by genkistampsTraced Anime Bases Must Die by genkistampsThe Sad Truth About OCs by MachinegunAngelStamp - What Happened? by stop-tracingDeviation Buttons: Anti Trace by MetadreamYes, but... - Stamp by PYC-ArtMinor characters by KellatrixI love leegaa-I Hate gaalee by RockRaven-LGOc-Canon Pairing by electroniceyeballsOpinions. by dust-bite

Free counters!


Hate me if you want by eranashineHate Stamp 2 by JetProwerTheFoxFighting Stamp by coolcat654Idiots everywhere-Stamp by DinoclawsActions speak-Stamp by DinoclawsStamp - YJJINAE Animated by magicaStamp: Fanchars are not OCs by JammerleeIt really doesn't. by FluffahJealous Hate Stamp by fluffy-the-wolfOpinions. by dust-biteOMG TROLL by dust-biteOpinion stamp by xAshleyMxYou CAN hate. by RadenWAWhy do you? by ARTic-WeatherHaters gonna Hate by SparkLumStamp: Egocentrism FTW... no by Jeshika-HarunoWe're All Hypocrites by genkistampsOpen your Mind Stamp by quazo+STAMP+ Don't Like Don't Look? by aerendyll:thumb138129812:JEALOUS? Stamp by SkinnyMandria.:: You say ::. by xXRadiantThunderXx:thumb231229472:Think about it by InsertSillyUsername


Shining Stars Stamp by yenkeNight Person Stamp by ClearBlueSkysGlowing Stars by skinnyveestampStamp: Zombie Apocalypse by ChibiZexion-VII'm a zombie by Kezel-stampsZombie.s by DarkTabbyNecrophilia Stamp by AzphLightning Love Stamp by enigmatiaLightning Stamp by Gokulover4everRainbow Lights Stamp by sapphire-wargStamp: Glows in the Dark by FantasyStockAvatars:thumb94110934:I Heart Paranormal Stamp by ladykatriannaSTAMP- The Savior's Cross by Kira-Ani-McGrath-Skulls- by whiterecycled-punkI love Snakes by WishmasterAlchemistHorror Stamp by sequelleBloody stamp by emptyidentityentityBlack cat stamps by Shizuru117I Love The Rain by WearwolfaaI love Storms by i-stamp


:iconmurdocx2d-lovers: :iconyspanish: :iconelite-art-artist: :icondiamond-lee: :iconzari-mikoshifc: :icongaara-as-uke-fc: :iconleegaara-lovers-fc: :iconlee-as-seme-fc: :iconprogaaraxsari-fc:


Commissions Closed

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 9, 2013, 9:33 PM
I can draw  wathever you want. (in anime style of course)

Hentai + filias, yaoi + hard, yuri + hard, shota, lolita, hetero + filias, animals, chibis, gore + filias, fan characters + cannons.


1.- if you dn't have a DA account send me one email here:

2.- Paypal and Points accepted.

3.- The payment is first.

4.- Before starting with the end result, I sent you a sketch of your order, so you can modify it and approve it before.


Da icons 50x50

Single icon (blink) 3 dlls (300:points:) example: Commission_daicon_bijin by RockRaven-LGNoelle by RockRaven-LGCommission_daicon_Shinju by RockRaven-LG
Couple icon (blink) 5 dlls (500:points:) examples: couple_da_icon_Puerile by RockRaven-LGcouple_da_icon_commission_greace by RockRaven-LGCommission_daicon_lovelychu by RockRaven-LGCommission_daicon_lovelychu2 by RockRaven-LG


Oekaki (The lines are with free hand, with a stroke dirty).

Head shot (line art) 1 dll + .5 extra character (100 :points: + 50 :points:)

Half Body (Line art) 2.5 dll + 1 dll extra character  (250 :points: + 100 :points:)

Full body (line art) 3.5 dlls + 2 dlls extra character  (350 :points: + 200 :points:)


Head shot (color) 1.5 dlls + 1 dll extra character  (150 :points: + 100 :points:)

Half body (color) 4 dlls + 2 dlls extra character  (450 :points: + 200 :points:)

Full body (color) 7 dlls + 3 dlls extra character  (750 :points: + 300 :points:)

Matatabi_Nekomata_Human_biju by MelancholyRhinestone

withouth background

Digital art Line art ( Pen tool line and basic color)

Head shot (line art) 3 dll + 1dll extra character  (300 :points: + 100 :points:)

Half Body (Line art) 4.5 dll + 2 dll extra character  (450 :points: + 200 :points:)

Full body (line art) 6.5 dlls + 3 dlls extra character  (650 :points: + 300 :points:)

Digital art Color (basic color. Anime style. Shadows and lights)

Head shot (color) 5.5 dlls + 2.5 dll extra character  (550 :points: + 250 :points:)

Always Together by MelancholyRhinestone

Half body (color) 15 dlls + 5 dlls extra character   (1500 :points: + 550 :points:)

NaruSaku Family by MelancholyRhinestoneNaruSaku week_Next Generation by MelancholyRhinestone

Full body (color)  30 dlls + 8 dlls extra character  (3000 :points: + 800 :points:)

LeeGaa_Family by MelancholyRhinestoneGood one girl by MelancholyRhinestone

Extra detailed (cothes/accesories) 40 dlls (half and full only) 6 dlls extra character (4000 :points: + 600 :points:)

Back to home_NaruSaku by MelancholyRhinestoneCommission_ShukakuHiko_taditional_wedding by MelancholyRhinestone

Digital art Color (Oleo color. Anime style. Shadows,watercolor and lights)

Head shot 6 dll + 1dll extra character  (600 :points: + 100 :points:)

Half Body  17 dll + 3 dll extra character  (1700 :points: + 300 :points:)

The nightmare_Uchiha Itachi by MelancholyRhinestoneSari-chan_3000 hits_Present by MelancholyRhinestone

Full body  37 dlls + 6 dlls extra character  (3600 :points: + 600 :points:)

after make love (art trade with aporte al cosmos) by MelancholyRhinestone


Easy 2 dlls  (200 :points:)
Hard  8.5 dlls  (850 :points:)
Extra detailed 20 dlls (2000:points:)


Manga style (black and whithe, digital line)

Head shot  4 dll + 2dll extra character  (400 :points: + 200 :points:)

Commission_ItachixNari by MelancholyRhinestone

Half Body  6.5 dll + 3 dll extra character  (650 :points: + 300 :points:)

Commission_AmeLeeGaa by MelancholyRhinestone

Full body 8.5 dlls + 4 dlls extra character  (850 :points: + 400 :points:)

Commission_ItachiNari_2 by MelancholyRhinestone


Chibis (only color)

One character 15 dlls + 3 dlls extra character (1500:points: + 300:points:)

Commission_KakashixBijin by MelancholyRhinestoneCommission_SariBabyGaara by MelancholyRhinestoneComission_Third Kazekage by MelancholyRhinestone

With background

Only the ground 1 dlls (100:points:)
All back ground 3 dlls (300:points:)



One step

6 dlls (650) points


full body like this one…

40 dlls with simple background (4000:points:)(without clothes)

Half body Like this:…

30dlls (background and watercolor) (3000:points:)

Half body…

28 dlls (basic color) (2800:points:)


MelancholyRhinestone's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Varied

"If you read about yourself all the time and people tell you you’re wonderful, you surround yourself with people who aren’t honest…

…The ego is a very dangerous thing and should be kept in a box under the bed" - Jamie Hewlett

viva mexico cabrones stamp by KelpyKradMexico Stamp by l8
Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfearStamp - Tablet User by firstfearStamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfear
Stamp - Points Value by firstfearStamp - Watch Me by firstfear
Curse's Face by Brendan77

My Paper Demon melancholyrhinestone.paperdemo…

Current Residence: México DF
Favourite genre of music: alternativo,hard rock, metal,gotico,rock,pop japones
Favourite style of art: doujinshi,manga,anime,fanart,sd,chibi,terror,yaoi
Favourite cartoon character: Murdoc and 2D

2D: my love/best friend/lover/ and husband


My alter-egos XD

My Master (Mi maestra)
She always show/help me about bodys, proportions,angles,colors etc, excellent artist:heart:

My mom :iconludra-jenova:

My real sisters.


My Icon Da family


Precious Family friends
:iconhellgab::iconskypeach::iconsabaku-no-lee::iconyetafilms::iconsuteki-j: :iconmizorosa::iconlavalquiriadelviento::iconaomehigurashi258::iconjustinsilence:

My other family


Da friends.


My IDOLS/Inspirations.


Don't call me Gringo, you fucking beaner...stay on your side of that goddamn river....Don't call me Gringo, you fucking beaner

No me digas beaner mister puñetero, te sacaré un susto por racista culero...

Don't call me beaner, fucking gringo jerkof

I love this song

Para todas y todos esos pendejos que dicen *that girl from mexico with a poor english* XD mira quien viene a hablar haha

:heart:sTaMp by mexico1M E X I C O by OishiiTaco:heart:

Spanish lang4 by Faeth-designJP Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-designBT EN Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design

fillers are cannon? 

39 deviants said No, because the original Author don't write them
22 deviants said Some are and some aren't
4 deviants said Yes, All fillers are Cannon


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ReneeSjoer 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Welcome to :iconnamikaze-uzumaki-fc:
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Thanks for the fave! :D
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¡Hola! amm quería preguntarle si me daba permiso de dibujar a Rock Norou es para un meme que quiero llenar y pues me encanta como diseño a esa niña uvu sólo eso...

Amé el Shukaku con el rostro tipo "Dat Ass" xD
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mideila Feb 27, 2014  Student Photographer
Thank you for Orenji Uzumaki.Heart Love  I love his!
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Mel13 Feb 17, 2014  Professional Filmographer
thanks for the fav
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Thank you for the fav :)
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Realmente apreció todo esto, en principio eres mi salvadora, aburrido y asqueado del GAALEE me has echado una mano, por cierto, totalmente inactivo en dibujos, más dedicado a la música y literatura, por lo que sea hago playlists dedicados a parejas (excepciones: GaaLee y NaruHina), pensaba que con esas parejas que te gustan, me inspira mucho, actualmente haré mezcla de canciones, un playlists completo a LeeGaa y GaaSari, el resto en proceso (incluyo MurdocX2D, NaruSaku, KankuSaso, Shukaku x 4to Kazekage), de verdad yo espero que te sorprenda (link de descarga incluido)
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Maoden-DOis Feb 2, 2014   General Artist
hola! como has estado? hace mucho tiempo sin pasearme por DA estaba preguntandome si tienes una cuenta en tumblr? si no creo que eres uno de los pocos motivos por los que regreso sigue siendo igual de padriurix por años!!
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:iconsanguaze: :iconwasplz::iconhereplz:

(Just spreading the love, how are things? Heart  :D (Big Grin) Love Hug )
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Thank you for the fave ^^'
P.S. love your arts :3
22redhead Dec 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fav :D
adidsevfan Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Raven-san! Cuanto tiempo!! :aww:
Muchas gracias por los favs >u<
Me encanta como adorno su profile :heart: por cierto, yo tambien amo a MegaMind XD 
Como sea, saluditos. Espero que ande bien :aww:
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thanks for the fave! :D (Big Grin) 
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jsakjsas saludos! :iconnarusmileplz:
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gracias por el FAV
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Appreciate the fav! Good day. :D
Thank you for the fav :hug:
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Esta hermoso tu DA ;3;
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:iconifreakinlovehimplz:I LOVE YOUR ART ¡!¡!¡!

Q VIVA MEXICO HIJOS DE... MARIA DOLORES jaja :icontakuyastareplz:

Sigue asi !¡ eres genial >,<
tus ilustraciones estan de pocas margaras

Espero puedas ver uno q otro trabajo mio
y SI KIERES watchearme estaria mas q padre ^w^

LINDO VIERNES (bendito se dios XD)
saludos ^^
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